Annabel Art in 2003

The Butterfly
"The Butterfly" by Annabel (marker on paper 12/2003)

Colorful Shapes Design
"Colorful Shapes Design" by Annabel (construction paper 11/2003)

Annabel the Cat
"Annabel the Cat" by Annabel (colored pencil on paper 10/2003)

A PennyA Penny
"A Penny" (front and back) by Annabel (pencil on construction paper 9/2003)

Annabel Under The Stars
"Annabel Under The Stars" by Annabel (crayon on paper 8/2003)

The Rainbow Picture
"The Rainbow Picture" by Annabel (computer graphics on paper 7/2003)

The Rainbow Flower Picture
"The Rainbow Flower Picture" by Annabel (watercolor pencil on watercolor paper 6/2003)

The Turtle Picture
"The Turtle Picture" by Annabel (crayon and pencil on construction paper 5/2003)

A Colorful Building
"A Colorful Building" by Annabel (watercolor on paper 4/2003)

The Fruit Picture
"The Fruit Picture" by Annabel (marker on paper 3/2003)

A Bear Everywhere
"A Bear Everywhere" by Annabel (pencil on paper 2/2003)

A Fish
"A Fish" by Annabel (crayon, marker, fabric, yarn, and a plastic eye on paper 1/2003)

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