Annabel Art in 2004

Annabel's Gingerbread House
"Annabel's Gingerbread House" by Annabel (various candy and icing on gingerbread 12/2004)

The Christmas Tree
"The Christmas Tree" by Annabel (crayon on the back of a letter to Santa 11/2004)

The Halloween Kitty
"The Halloween Kitty" by Annabel (marker and crayon on construction paper 10/2004)

The Ballerina
"The Ballerina" by Annabel (marker on paper 9/2004)

The Hello Kitty Cutout
"The Hello Kitty Cutout" by Annabel (cutouts on construction paper 8/2004)

The Backyard
"The Backyard" by Annabel (marker on paper 7/2004)

My Picture
"My Picture" by Annabel (crayon on paper 6/2004)

The Butterfly Picture
"The Butterfly Picture" by Annabel (paint on paper 5/2004)

The Butterflies
"The Butterflies" by Annabel (markers on paper 4/2004)

The Cat in the Hat
"The Cat in the Hat" by Annabel (computer graphics and crayon on paper 3/2004)

The Valentine Heart
"The Valentine Heart" by Annabel (paint, applied using marbles, on paper 2/2004)

The Snowman at Night
"The Snowman at Night" by Annabel
(crayon, paper, yarn, pipecleaners, buttons, and noodles on construction paper 1/2004)

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