Annabel in 2005

Annabel and Samantha
This is Annabel and Samantha playing (1/2005)

Annabel, Alex and snow boy
This is Annabel, Alex and their snow boy (2/2005)

Annabel and her Easter Basket
This is Annabel seeing what the Easter Bunny brought her (3/2005)

Annabel and Thomas
This is Thomas the Tank Engine sneaking up on Annabel (4/2005)

Annabel on the pier
This is Annabel and her family on the south pier in Grand Haven, MI (5/2005)

Annabel at Mackinac Bridge
This is Annabel at the Mackinac Bridge (6/2005)

Annabel and Alex hopping
This is Annabel and Alex enjoying the Frog Hopper (7/2005)

Annabel's new hat
This is Annabel in her new pink butterfly hat (8/2005)

Annabel the soccerette
This is Annabel the HYRA soccer star (9/2005)

Annabel's party 2
This is Annabel's birthday gang playing on the swings (10/2005)

Annabel and Alex outside
This is Annabel catching a snowflake while outside with Alex (11/2005)

Annabel gaming
This is Annabel playing The Sims (12/2005)

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