Annabel in 2006

Annabel and Alex
This is Annabel and Alex forcing some smiles for the camera (1/2006)

Annabel and her glasses
This is Annabel wearing her new glasses that she made at school (2/2006)

Annabel rocking out
This is Annabel rocking out to SSX On Tour (3/2006)

Annabel celebrating
This is Annabel celebrating a goal by the Red Wings (4/2006)

Annabel the genie
This is Annabel the pink genie (5/2006)

Annabel among the peonies
This is Annabel among the peonies (6/2006)

Annabel and Alex hopping
This is fearless Annabel on the Frog Hopper (7/2006)

Annabel, Alex, and Will
This is Annabel, Alex and her cousin Will hanging out in Caseville (8/2006)

Annabel with stick
This is Annabel carrying a big stick (9/2006)

Annabel and Alex in leaves
This is Annabel and Alex hanging out in the leaves (10/2006)

Annabel close up
This is Annabel doing an extreme close up (11/2006)

Annabel's pizza
This is Annabel's pizza (12/2006)

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