Annabel Art in 2006

Christmas Tree
"Christmas Tree" by Annabel (artifical tree with pipe cleaner and small ornaments 12/2006)

Self Portrait
"Self Portrait" by Annabel (paint and construction paper on paper 11/2006)

Picture Frame
"Picture Frame" by Annabel (acrylic paint on wood frame with school picture 10/2006)

Fall Day
"Fall Day" by Annabel (paint on paper 9/2006)

Ellie the Pink atomic fairy
"Ellie the Pink atomic fairy" by Annabel (crayon on paper 7/2006)

Clay Heart
"Clay Heart" by Annabel (glaze and glitter on clay 5/2006)

Paper Girl
"Paper Girl" by Annabel (marker on construction paper 4/2006)

Dear Mommy and DaddyDear Mommy and Daddy
"Dear Mommy and Daddy" by Annabel (crayon and pencil on paper 3/2006)

Crystal the Snow Fairy
"Crystal the Snow Fairy" by Annabel (crayon on paper 2/2006)

Picture of Daddy (without glasses)
"Picture of Daddy (without glasses)" by Annabel (marker on paper 1/2006)

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