Annabel in 2007

Annabel the usher
This is Annabel passing out programs for her play (1/2007)

Annabel in a small world
This is Annabel in a Small World (after all) (2/2007)

Annabel and her leaves
This is Annabel and her science project (3/2007)

Annabel in the AM
This is Annabel getting ready for school in the morning (4/2007)

Annabel smiling
This is Annabel enjoying a beautiful day (5/2007)

Annabel and the roses
This is Annabel at the Michigan State University Rose Gardens (6/2007)

Annabel at Lake Michigan
This is Annabel at Lake Michigan (7/2007)

Annabel biking
This is Annabel, who has finally learned to ride a bike! (8/2007)

Annabel on her first day of school
This is Annabel on her first day of the 4th Grade (9/2007)

Hermione Granger
This is Hermione Granger getting ready to trick-or-treat on Haloween (10/2007)

Annabel running
This is Annabel pausing for a photo during her Girls on the Run 5k (11/2007)

Annabel and Alex
This is Annabel and Alex for our Christmas Card photo (12/2007)

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