Annabel Art in 2007

Rainbow Snowflake
"Rainbow Snowflake" by Annabel (multi-colored paper 12/2007)

Purple Tie with Green Polka Dots
"Purple Tie with Green Polka Dots" by Annabel (marker and pencil on paper 10/2007)

Mixed Up Animal
"Mixed Up Animal" by Annabel (marker on paper 5/2007)

"People" by Annabel (ink on paper 4/2007)

Curly Girly
"Curly Girly" by Annabel (marker on paper 3/2007)

Puffle World
"Puffle World" by Annabel (marker and stickers on paper 2/2007)

The Outside of the Castle
"The Outside of the Castle" by Annabel (crayon on paper 1/2007)

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